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Q. Do I need an appointment to have my bike serviced?

A. No appointment is required. We try to avoid making appointments, but call and ask if you have an urgent matter. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring your bike in any time. It is first come, first served. We strive to have your maintenance done as quickly as possible. During our busy season, we do run out of storage for service bikes, and when that happens we switch to an appointment based model so that we don't scratch up your pretty bike.

Q. Do you provide shuttle service?

A. No. The Forest Service does not give permits for shuttle services in Flagstaff. It's best to ask a friend, or join one of our Group Rides if you can!

Q. Does FBR buy/sell used bikes?

A. No. We do not buy or sell any used bikes. We recommend Bicimundo and SMR if you are looking for a used bike. We occasionally have employee and/or demo bikes for sale.

Q. Can you service my suspension?

A. Yes. We have an industry-trained team of mechanics ready to help you with all of your suspension needs. From Fox to Rockshox, DVO, and many others, we will make sure that your fork or shock feels the best it can. However, we do not have the ability to service proprietary shocks. Please reference our Service Center Menu for further details on our suspension options.

Q. How often should I have my suspension serviced?

A. Both Rockshox and Fox suggest specific intervals for suspension service. Servicing your suspension is like an oil change on your car. It's important to keep your fork and/or shock operating in top condition. Check out our Suspension Menu for prices on services.

Q. Can you set up my wheels Tubeless?

A. Tubeless wheels and tires work as a system. If your wheel and tire are tubeless compatible, we can set it up for you. However, we do not set up tubeless wheels if your rim and tire are not specifically "Tubeless Ready."

Q. Do you teach bike maintenance classes?

A. We do not regularly schedule classes. However if there's ever something you'd like to know, don't hesitate to ask. We love to educate and teach when time allows. Drop us an email and we can hopefully teach you something!