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No matter the era or age of your bike, our professional, industry certified mechanics are here to provide you with the highest level of service.

We know your bike is part of your lifestyle and we strive for all repairs to be completed as soon as possible. Our timeline is based on the amount of business at that moment.

All Estimates are free.

Service will be discussed as you drop off the bike, and we will make a game plan with each customer for their specific needs and wants.

E-bike prices are subject to in-person inspection before quoting services, as complexity varies greatly depending on make/model.

All service prices listed below represent the cost of labor.

Prices do not include cost of parts.

Prices are subject to change.

Tune Up Packages


Preventative Maintenance

PM 1 | $100

This is the all-around preventative maintenance service package that covers the basics. The PM 1 covers all parts of the bike that can be adjusted. This includes both front and rear derailleurs, brakes, wheel trues, headset and the bottom bracket. Accessory components such as handlebars, seat, seat post and pedals are inspected for correct installation.

PM 1 Hydraulic | $150

The PM 1 Hydraulic is your tune up for a bike with hydraulic brake systems. It includes the same services as the PM 1, as well as servicing the front and rear hydraulic brake systems: flushing hydraulic fluid and cleaning and resurfacing braking surfaces.

PM Drivetrain | $70

This package focuses on improving shifting response and performance. This includes new cable and housing and adjustments for both the front and rear derailleurs.

PM Single Speed | $75

The PM Single Speed includes an adjustment of everything adjustable on a single speed bike. This includes brake systems, wheel trues, bottom bracket and headset.

Suspension Services

Fork Service

Slider Service | $109 + Parts

The recommended, regular maintenance for your fork. A general cleaning, plus replacement of dust wipers, foam rings and bath oil.

Air Spring Service Add-on | $29.99 + Parts

Cartridge Damper Service | $65

Full disassembly of the cartridge damper, replacement of all seals, and bleed. Add on to a Slider or Basic Service.

Shock Service

Shock (Air Can) Service | $55 + Parts

The recommended, regular maintenance for your rear shock. Replace seals and fluid, as well as inspect for internal signs of damage or wear.

Complete Rear Shock Damper Service | $160 + Parts

Includes full rebuild of damper assembly, in addition to all services included in our Air Can Service. In-house assessment recommended. Excludes Fox RP era shocks.

Suspension Packages

Annual Suspension Service Package | $230 / $250 for bikes with reservoir shocks

Combines a Fork Slider Service and Shock Air Can Service. Necessary seal kits ARE included.

Dropper Posts

Externally Routed Dropper Install | $25 includes Cable & Housing

Internally Routed Dropper Install | $35 includes Cable & Housing

Dropper Post Slider Service | $45 + Parts

Disassembly, cleaning, and replacement of bushings and seals. Reassembly with necessary lubrication.

Dropper Post Overhaul | $75 + Parts

Disassembly, cleaning, and replacement of bushings and seals. Overhauling and rebuild internals. Reassembly with necessary lubrication.


A La Carte Services

We offer several options for individual services. Come in and speak with one of our mechanics for a specialized service breakdown.

Derailleur Adjustment | $20

Brake Adjustment | $20

Hydraulic Brake Service (Bleed) | $35 per brake

Wheel True (Minor) | $20

Wheel True (Major) | $50

Spoke Replacement | $25-$30 + parts

Tubeless Setup | $25 - 35 (Valve stems sold separately)

Tubeless Recharge | $10

Hub Adjustment | $15

Hub Overhaul (Rear) | $40 + bearings

Hub Overhaul (Front) | $25 + bearings

Tire Change / Install | $7

And much more...


Custom Services

Wheel Build | $125 + parts

Pick your rim, hub, spokes and nipple color. We stock DT Swiss Competition, Competition Race and Revolution spokes, as well as brass or alloy nipples. We would love to advise you on the appropriate build for your riding needs. Consultation is recommended.

Frame Up Bike Build | $200

Bring in a bare frame, along with all the parts you want for your new bike. Need help deciding what you want? Contact us or come in and consult with one of our mechanics.

Boxed Bike Build | $100

Partially assembled bike: i.e. bottom bracket, fork, headset, etc. are already installed. All components are checked for proper installation and adjusted to the best of their function.

Single Speed Bike Build | $80

Bike Boxing (for Shipping) | $100 + shipping

We pack your bike in a standard-size cardboard bike box and can generate a label to ship to your bike to your desired location. All bikes shipped must be insured for their market value.


Please Contact Us if you have specific questions regarding services.